Who are we?

Driving home on a chilly October night, a group of friends was asking themselves: ‘’why don’t we have a Vampire: The Masquerade inspired LARP in Ljubljana? I mean, it is one of the most scenic of small European cities? ’’…  And the rest is history.

Metuzalem Society for Roleplaying is a group of like-minded individuals that are doing their best to bring quality Live Action Roleplaying events to the people of Slovenia and eventually (hopefully) Europe. We focus on Nordic style larping, which means we try to pour as much effort into immersing people into fictional characters in a fictional world. We focus on games that portray personal drama, horror, mystery, politics and various types of power dynamics. We prefer games that do not involve physical violence because we feel the social arena is a fight worth training for.

We believe that people can learn and grow personally through role-play. Though many of our games involve horror and personal drama, we always ensure a safe environment for everyone to explore their hidden selves or develop skills needed in everyday life. And of course, have a boatload of fun along the way!

Tilen Javornik

Our imagination is our playground and workspace. And because of that, we need someone who can take all we imagine and put it in a form so all can see. An amazing and talented artist, T.J. is the one we fall back on to make our visions into real pieces of art. He also provides ample creative ideas and stories.

Tim Jesih

The Puppetmaster, the Motivator, and unbiased Critic. Without Tim, many of our ideas would stay unrefined diamonds in the rough. With his help and guidance, we are able to chisel out diamonds of fantastical proportions. A talented storyteller and perhaps the most involved organizer for all stories heavy with secrets, extortion, and scheming.

Nastja Poherc

Every good group requires the wheels with which it rolls into greatness. Were it not for Nastja, we would have been stuck in a small basement, dreaming of greater things and asking ourselves ‘’what if’’. She knows what needs to get done when it needs to get done and how it needs to get done. Be it collecting all the fees, the endless lists of players or just the smooth progression of a meeting, Nastja is the one that makes sure we work. She is also the most skilled at dealing with our Facebook page.

Klemen Pečnik

The President of our Role-playing society. A man of limitless integrity and honor, Klemen is the man that carries the biggest of responsibilities. It is his name that’s signed on the forms, it is him who gets the form and it is Klemen that even knows we need a form. He is entrusted with all things that need entrusting and we know we made the right choice when electing him President. When things get serious, we call on Klemen.

Rok Mioč

Every society needs a voice. To be heard, to be seen and to reign-in the masses of players that a group like ours requires. Rok is in charge of all things regarding Public relations. Be it public speaking, running a workshop, a casual meet-up, a LARP. The Real world coordinator that greets everyone with a smile and makes sure that 40 people on a LARP don’t get lost on their way into their characters. Coordinator and storyteller for many stories, he is most likely the person you will talk to first.

Klara Povše

The sweetheart with a smile that would warm the Antarctic. She is our resident helper for the organization of the LARP. She also makes sure our Instagram profile has plenty of content.

Samo Ilc

The muscle, the do-er, and our Oxen. Samo is the backbone of our workforce. When you set him on a task, you know it will get done quickly and efficiently. If you need someone to raise their voice to calm a room crowded with people, give Samo a glance and it will be done.

Peter Mišic

Ah, the romantic view of a professional photographer. He sees the beauty in a shot, the flow of a perfect background music, and the potential drama in a storyline. The most experienced photographer and LARPer in our team, he makes sure that every scene is filmed, shot or played the wait it should be.

Our Tech-Support Team!

Thank you Davor Kirbiš, Alja Šavle and Klemen Čotar for the amazing work you did on our webpage, trailers, photos and anything else that we normal plebs can’t create! You guys are amazing and we love you!

All our Players

We can’t even begin to describe how important the community is for a project like this. We have tons of talented, amazing people helping us day and night to make our vision materialize in the world, our heads and our hearts. Without you, this would be nothing! Keep doing the amazing work and keep enjoying the wonderful world you create with us every month!