General FAQ

What even is LARP

Larp, or live action roleplay, is a type if roleplay where players physically portray their characters, using costumes, mannerisms and their environment to do so. They explore a physical space and interact with other characters, attempting to achieve their personal goals in real time.

What is atmospheric LARP?

Atmospheric LARP, the style that we use, is a type of LARP that places minimal emphasis on rules and mechanics and strives to make the environment, the characters, the rules and just about everything else as immersive as possible for the players, truly making them feel like they have briefly become their characters.

What is the theme of this LARP based on?

The themes and setting of our game are based on White Wolf’s Vampire: the Masquerade game line set in the World of Darkness. We’ve tailored some of it to better suit our LARP style, but we try to stay loyal to the material.

Where can I learn more about the setting?

This website contains all the basic info about our setting, but if you would like to deepen your knowledge, we suggest starting with the White Wolf Wiki and going from there.

What does “play to lose" mean?

The themes of Vampire include angst, sorrow, anger and loss. Truly enjoying the game means experiencing all of these, so we strongly believe that setting your characters up for failure and embarrassment can be highly rewarding. In our game, you can never win, so make sure you go out with a bang and that other players have fun as well.

I don’t speak English. Is this a problem?

Our regular games are run in Slovene, so you should be fine. International events are run in English.

How can I join the Metuzalem Society and what does this mean?

Joining the society is easy, you should simply contact an organizer who will give you a form to sign. Members receive discounts for games.

In-game FAQ

How long does a game usually last?

A single LARP usually goes for around 4 or 5 hours, without prep time.

Do you have activities beyond the LARPS themselves?

Yes, these include Meet-ups, where we plot and hang out, Minilarps organised by players and Workshops where we work on bettering play.

Are your games dangerous?

Provided everyone follows our safety guidelines, our games are perfectly safe. That said, one of the core themes if Vampire is angst, so you should expect to become uncomfortable and generally feel strong negative emotions during play. This is all part of the game. There are also safeguards in place that allow each player to exit scenes they are uncomfortable with at any moment.

Which Clans can I play?

EbN is currently accepting all 7 Camarilla Clans and the Giovanni. Other Clans can be considered for NPCs or visiting characters.

Can I be a Methuselah?

The short answer is no. Our LARP’s themes are more condusive to younger characters, and most of our players portray Neonates, though some concessions can be made for NPCs or experienced players.

Where do your events take place?

Currently our LARPs take place in the Emonska Klet venue, which we book for our private use. We usually hold Meet-ups in the Dobra Poteza gaming bar.

How often do you hold LARPS?

We usually hold our regular LARPS monthly, with a few months break during the Summer. We try to host a bigger, international LARP once per year.

I’m not sure if I will like this. Can I play a Ghoul just to try it out?

Through experience, we have found that effectively portraying a Ghoul can be both harder and less immediately exciting for players. These people are, after all, at the very bottom of the ladder. If you wish to join us, we recommend starting with a Vampire character and leaving Ghouls for the NPCs.

How do I become an NPC?

We generally do not recommend the NPC position for new players, as they require a playstyle that can be quite unrewarding if done wrong. NPCs exist to bring story to the regular players, and are always less important. If you wish to be one, contact one of our Organisers.

Can I kill other characters or get killed myself?

In our game, you can only die if you agree to it and make plans to arrange for a cool death scene before actual play. Equally, you cannot kill anyone who has not agree to it. NPCs, however, are in open hunting season.

Can I eat and drink during your game?

Since we are still people who need nourishment, and since our venue has an open bar, drinking during a game is perfectly fine. If you are hungry, however, please use the OOC room.

How do I even go about joining your game?

You can contact us about your questions via Facebook or our email, and you will have to attend a Meet-up prior to a game so we can discuss character creation.

I would like to bring a friend. Is this fine?

Of course! Like everyone, though, they will have to follow standard procedure, so bring them to a Meet-up first.

What should I wear to a game?

Unless you play a Nosferatu, the joy of modern Vampire is that they try very hard to look regal but ordinary. Practically anything not too “over the top" is fine. After all, you do not want to attract too much mortal attention.

Is it possible to play a different character every time?

If you really don’t want to stick to a single character and develop their story, we would suggest joining our NPC team. Regular characters, however, can only be replaced rarely and in specific circumstances, such as arranging a good death scene.

I’m going to be late for a game. What do I do?

Try not to be, since the doors to the venue lock when play begins, but if you can’t help it, make sure at least one of the Organizers knows beforehand.

How much do your games cost?

We are a non-profit society, so all our income goes towards bettering the game, but mainly to cover venue costs. Members of the Metuzalem Society have an entrance fee of 10eur, while regulars must pay 15eur. We must pay for the venue before the day of the game, so please try to settle your payments at least a few days earlier.